Our Mission and Goals

Part of our mission is to give back to our communities everywhere.

Community of Knowledge for makers, developers and designers of products. SUHDAC will be a one stop shop for product information, tech specs, data sheets, code samples, drivers, and discussions related to products. Community members will be able to easily submit new content, post questions and make comments on each product individually as well as in discussion forums for different topics related to building projects with products from our catalog.

Environment. Anything we can do to help the environment is a good thing. Enabling the masses to easily grow is good for everybody. Not only is it rewarding, but growing your own food means less pollution. The more that grows on this great planet of ours the betyter. Balancing plant life (and thus cargon dioxide) is very important. While it is doubtful humans can kill the planet, it is certainly feasible that we can make it inhospitable for human life if we keep polluting it. Many of our projects and products are helping people learn more about how technology can support this objective.

Cancer Research and Treatment. Cancer has impacted the lives of many. Some have gotten lucky and been able to either cure or abate the disease. Others have quickly died from it. SUHDAC wants to grow and help make all cancers curable.